Title Europos Sąjungos struktūrinių fondų paramos šalies ekonomikai vertinimas
Translation of Title European Union Structural Funds Support for the Economy of the Country
Authors Andrukaitytė, Karolina
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Pages 79
Keywords [eng] structural funds ; economy ; macroeconomic impact
Abstract [eng] European union (ES) structural funds – are the instruments, intended for the removal of ES members economic and social differences. The problem of the regional separation is solved by various programmes, principles and means, the main purpose of them – to provide ES members the equal opportunities for the growth in economic and social areas. The dynamics of Lithuanian macroeconomics indicators are promisingly rising, however, the regional differences are noticed. The situation of the country shows, that the support of ES structural funds does not basically solve the separation problem. Therefore, the following analysis is necessary to determine the effect of the support for Lithuanian economical indicators. Reseach object – the support of European union structural funds in Lithuania; Reseach aim – to evaluate the effect of ES structural funds support for the macroeconomics indicators of the country; Reseach tasks: • to investigate the importance of ES structural funds support for Economics of Lithuania; • to reveal the purposes and principles of ES structural funds, the priorities and means used for their realization; • to analyze the evaluation methods of ES structural funds support; • to assess the level of the support assimilation in the country and the changes of macroeconomics indicators; • to characterize the effect of ES structural funds support for the macroeconomics indicators. Research tasks revealed, ES structural funds support is implemented according to the programmmes and their priorities of the period 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. The analysis of the received support and macroeconomics indicators revealed the stronger relation in the second period of programming. The greatest impact is felt for the indicators of employment, unemployment and direct foreign investments. The opposit effect observed evaluating the dynamics of the indicators in gross domestic product (GDP) for one inhabitant – ES structural funds support has no effect or it is very small.
Dissertation Institution Kauno technologijos universitetas
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2017