1. Deposition and investigation of silver oxide thin films on polyvinylchloride textile surface
  2. Induced energy band bending of PTAA by using self-assembled molecules for wide bandgap lead perovskite solar cells with inverted structure
  3. Investigation of stability of silver nanoparticles under different storage conditions
  4. Multitarget reactive magnetron sputtering towards the production of strontium molybdate thin films
  5. Optimization of delivery and bioavailability of encapsulated caffeic acid
  6. Photochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles and study of their structural properties
  7. Study of the effect of vibration on fluid flow in aluminum oxide nanopores
  8. The development of technology of a new generation identification element
  9. Thermal analysis of graphene/N-Si(100) diode, formed using transfer-less method