Title Design of plant-based biodegradable plastic composites for sustainable packaging
Translation of Title Augalinės kilmės biologiškai skaidžių plastiko kompozitų, skirtų tvarioms pakuotėms gaminti, kūrimas
Authors Stabingytė, Lina
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Pages 63
Keywords [eng] biodegradable ; plastic ; starch
Abstract [eng] The study aimed to produce and investigate biodegradable films of plant origin to assess the suitability for the production of sustainable packaging. In this work, films made of potato starch, maize starch, plasticizers – glycerin and sorbitol, pea fibres, vinegar, and distilled water were compared. To find out if pea fibres can reinforce the polymer structure, which starch, and which plasticizer is most suitable for making a strong film. Starch-derived polymers have poorer mechanical properties but very fast disintegration times. As the need for sustainability grows globally, this alternative is becoming necessary to consider for short shelf life and easy degradation of polymer packaging. In the production of comparable films, the films with potato starch and combined with a sorbitol plasticizer had the best mechanical properties. Pea fibres had a positive effect in enhancing the polymer structure but did not increase the direct film strength. In order to develop the production of biodegradable plastics, a balance needs to be struck between easily degradable, strength-enhancing, moisture-resistant materials.
Dissertation Institution Kauno technologijos universitetas
Type Master thesis
Language English
Publication date 2021