Title Research and development of an active element for a pressure sensor on the basis of piezoelectric composite material
Translation of Title Aktyvaus elemento slėgio jutikliams, pagrįsto pjezoelektrine kompozitine medžiaga, kūrimas ir tyrimas
Authors Čekas, Elingas
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Pages 116
Keywords [eng] composite ; pressure sensor ; piezoelectric material
Abstract [eng] The application of microelectromechanical systems has been widespread in technological solutions found in a variety of areas. Most industry segments are similar regarding the way of acting: all of them require high quality, sensitivity, high resolution, and reliable devices. All of the above mentioned properties can only be sought if the technologies and materials of new and improved devices are present. It is crucial to be able to control the MEMS device if high sensitivity is expected. To ensure the control of this kind of device, the main MEMS element – the oscillator, has to be manufactured from materials with controllable properties. These properties are then employed for the higher performance and easier manufacturing technology of the device. Nanocomposite material synthesis and applicability in MEMS devices, sensitivity improvements, the accuracy of measurements, and the combination of feedback signal outputs problems were sold in this thesis. An active MEMS element on the basis of piezocomposite material has been developed. The active element has the ability of electrical output feedback, additionally, the imprinted periodical microstructure gives the possibility of using the optical output feedback. One of the main areas of focus of this research was to choose a low cost and simple method to improve today’s technologies in creating MEMS devices.
Dissertation Institution Kauno technologijos universitetas
Type Doctoral Thesis
Language English
Publication date 2020