Title Socialinis-psichologinis biofilinio projektavimo sprendimų priimtinumas darnaus senėjimo kontekste
Translation of Title Social-psychological acceptability of biophilic design solutions in the contextof sustainable ageing
Authors Bužinskaitė, Deimantė ; Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė, Indrė ; Šeduikytė, Lina
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Is Part of Darnios aplinkos vystymas. Klaipėda : Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija. 2020, t. 17, Nr. 1, p. 112-121. ISSN 2538-9017. eISSN 2538-9025
Keywords [eng] design for the elderly ; biophilic design ; psychological acceptability of living environment ; sustainable aging
Abstract [eng] Life expectancy is risingin both developed and developing countries, thus thenumber of elderlypeopleis growing all over the world. This socio-demographic trend presents new challenges forthe design of the living environment. The concept of universal designis increasingly appliedto improve environmental accessibility. Meanwhile, the psychological well-being of the elderly in the living environment is still not receiving sufficientattention. The article analysesthe potential of applying biophilic design principles to the design for the elderlypeople in urban and rural environments. The pilotsociological surveyof Lithuanian elderly people and their close people living in urban and rural locationsaims to determine the psychological acceptability of biophilic design solutions.
Published Klaipėda : Klaipėdos valstybinė kolegija
Type Journal article
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2020
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