Title Translation of rhetorical figures in animated films /
Translation of Title Animaciniuose filmuose vartojamų retorinių figūrų vertimas.
Authors Šerstniovaitė, Rasa
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Pages 85
Keywords [eng] rhetorical figures ; audiovisual translation ; animated films ; subtitling ; dubbing
Abstract [eng] This thesis is an attempt to combine several rhetorical figures and find out how they are translated in audiovisual discourse: specifically, in the chosen animated film both in the subtitled and dubbed versions. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the translation of rhetorical figures from English to Lithuanian in the subtitled and dubbed versions of the film “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”. In the analysed film more than a half (76%) of the research material was tropes, and only 24% were schemes. This shows that tropes are much more frequent in animated films. The translation analysis has shown that rhetorical figures are most often translated literally (60 cases in the subtitled version, and 47 cases in the dubbed version). Such literal translation in most cases preserved the figurativeness of the original language but there were also cases of mistranslation in the subtitled version. In addition, the analysis has shown that schemes are omitted more often than tropes. Thus, this might suggest that they are not the priority of the translator. Both versions tended to domesticate the source text and make it more understandable to the target audience. There were quite a lot of cases of generalization when more neutral words were used. In this way, the target text lost a great deal of figurative language. The future research in this field may help to determine whether translations result in less vivid language than originals.
Dissertation Institution Kauno technologijos universitetas.
Type Master thesis
Language English
Publication date 2019