Title Biorefining of Bergenia crassifolia L., Fagopyrum esculentum Moench. and Solidago virgaurea L. by high pressure extraction methods and evaluation of obtained products
Translation of Title Storalapės bergenijos (Bergenia crassifolia L.), grikių žiedynų (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) bei rykštenės (Solidago virgaurea L.) biorafinavimas, taikant aukšto slėgio ekstrakcijos metodus, ir gautų produktų savybių įvertinimas
Authors Kraujalienė, Vaida
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Pages 116
Keywords [eng] Bergenia crassifolia L. ; Fagopyrum esculentum Monech ; Solidago virgaurea L. ; biorefinery ; antioxidative activity
Abstract [eng] Search, evaluation and application of natural antioxidants and other bioactive phytochemicals has become one of the most popular topics among food, agricultural and nutritional scientists due to the increasing evidence of health effects of numerous plant origin natural compounds. In recent years search for effective extraction and fractionation methods, which would allow to employ whole plant material without generating any waste (such complex processes are called biorefining or in some cases agrorefining), became one of the most important gals. In this study various schemes of biorefining using high pressure extraction methods was investigated and obtained results may be used for the up-scaling the production of functional ingredients from selected plants to industrial level.
Dissertation Institution Kauno technologijos universitetas
Type Doctoral thesis
Language English
Publication date 2018