Title Valstybės tarnautojų veiklos vertinimo ir organizacinio teisingumo sąsajos /
Translation of Title The link between the organisational justice and evaluation of performance of civil servants.
Authors Jovaišienė, Nijolė
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Pages 82
Keywords [eng] civil servants ; evaluation ; performance
Abstract [eng] The link between the evaluation of performance of civil servants and organizational justice. The purpose of the civil servant's evaluation is the development of employers, the increase of their efficiency and their motivation. However, in recent years, as a result of an increase of a very good evaluation of the performance of civil servants, the performance appraisal model is treated as a tool to increase the remuneration for civil servants, rather than to determine the actual contribution of a civil servant's work, to assess their progress made. As a result, civil servants perceive the same performance assessment as unfair and are subjected to demotivation: the quality and benefits of feedback are lost, the efficiency of performance and the organization's goals are negatively affected. The evaluation of the activity of civil servants in the context of organizational justice is a significant research object that would benefit for a scientific discussion that the aspects of organizational justice in the evaluation of the activities of civil servants make it possible to objectively and impartially evaluate the most valuable employers of the organization. Justice-based assessment creates a sense of security for the employer and allows him to feel valued and to keep himself a part of an organization. As a result, this is associated with greater motivation for achieving the goals and the efficiency of performance of the organization.
Dissertation Institution Kauno technologijos universitetas.
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2018