Title Application of dynamic visual cryptography for optical control of chaotic oscillations
Authors Petrauskiene, Vilma ; Saunoriene, Loreta
DOI 10.21595/vp.2017.19353
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Is Part of Vibroengineering procedia: 29th international conference on vibroengineering, Vilnius, Lithuania, December 1st 2017. Kaunas : JVE International. 2017, vol. 15, p. 81-87. ISSN 2345-0533
Keywords [eng] dynamic visual cryptography ; chaotic oscillations ; vibration control
Abstract [eng] This paper proposes an optical experimental technique for the optical control of chaotic oscillations. Technique is based on the application of dynamic visual cryptography for chaotic oscillations. Initially, the secret information is encoded into a single stochastic moiré grating, which is fixed onto the surface of the vibrating structure. It is shown, that the secret can be visually decoded if the cover image oscillates according to a chaotic law. Therefore, a simple visual inspection can be used to determine if the parameters of the chaotic oscillations remain in the allowed range.
Published Kaunas : JVE International
Type Conference paper
Language English
Publication date 2017
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