Title Mokymosi proceso veiksmingumo didinimas taikant nuotolinio mokymo technologijas /
Translation of Title Development the effectiveness of the learning process applying the technologies of distance learning.
Authors Konariovas, Anatolijus
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Pages 82
Keywords [eng] learning process ; effectiveness ; distance learning ; technologies
Abstract [eng] The designed distance learning platform fulfills the requirements of both teachers and students uncovered during the study Relevance of the topic is determined by the rapid development of technology bringing new opportunities for distance learning and additional differentiators for competing on the educational services market. Quick access to information and educational services is a necessity for a person living and working in an ever changing informational society. The aim of this thesis is to analyze possibilities of distance learning technologies and impact of their adoption on effectiveness of the learning process. Also, design of the distance learning platform adopted for Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre is delivered as a part of this work. The main question analyzed in this work is how the distance learning technologies can contribute to improved efficiency of the learning process in the sector of vocational training? The research performed amongst teachers and students at Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre revealed the need for distance teaching/learning both amongst teachers and students. . These include integration with the existing teaching methods, use of web pages, use of IT technologies, distance learning, increasing access to education services, distribution of study material, increasing communication possibilities and others. The designed architecture and deployment of the distance learning setup for Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre encompasses several phases: introduction of Moodle virtual learning environment, authoring and delivery of the modules of secondary education through the virtual environment, and finally - authoring and delivery of the modules for vocational training through the virtual environment. Introduction of the distance learning platform at the Karalius Mindaugas vocational training centre will result in increased accessibility of vocational training at this institution and will improve efficiency of the learning process, as well as the time and financial resources of students and the educational institution.
Type Master thesis
Language Lithuanian
Publication date 2014