Title Community involvement in place-making: present map methodology /
Authors Zaleckis, Kestutis ; Vitkuviene, Jurga ; Jankauskaite-Jureviciene, Laura ; Grazuleviciute-Vileniske, Indre ; Karvelyte-Balbieriene, Vilma
DOI 10.2478/aup-2023-0003
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Is Part of Architecture and urban planning = Arhitektūra un pilsetplānošana.. Warsaw : Sciendo. 2023, vol. 19, iss. 1, p. 29-37.. ISSN 1691-4333. eISSN 2255-8764
Keywords [eng] community involvement ; design thinking ; mental mapping ; place-making ; present map methodology ; sociotope method
Abstract [eng] The aim this research was to develop and test the mapping methodology, that would be applicable in the process of community involvement into place-making process and would focus on functioning and usage of public spaces. The methodology is referred to a Present Map methodology and is structured as a one-day mapping workshop involving drawing from memory, fieldwork, identifying the locations in the geographical map, structuring of the collected information and entering data into interactive online Present Map. The application of the methodology in Sanciai historic district has demonstrated that this methodology allows both collecting the material about the people’s experiences in public spaces of the locality necessary for research and planning, as well as connecting community with the place and empowering it by providing the working tools for exploration and understanding of the place and platform for expression in a form of interactive online Present Map.
Published Warsaw : Sciendo
Type Journal article
Language English
Publication date 2023
CC license CC license description