1. Delamination localization in multilayered CFRP panel based on reconstruction of guided wave modes
  2. Development and digital light processing 3D printing of a vitrimer composed of glycerol 1,3-diglycerolate diacrylate and tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate
  3. Development of ultrasound piezoelectric transducer-based measurement of the piezoelectric coefficient and comparison with existing methods
  4. Hybrid deep learning model for efficient state of charge estimation of Li-ion batteries in electric vehicles
  5. Multi-layer fabric composites combined with non-Newtonian shear thickening in ballistic protection—hybrid numerical methods and ballistic tests
  6. Multiferoinių švino ferito plonų sluoksnių, legiruotų pereinamaisiais metalais, sintezė ir tyrimas
  7. On the spectrum structure for one difference eigenvalue problem with nonlocal boundary conditions
  8. Research of multi-mode pneumatic vibroactuator
  9. Structure and spectral properties of thianthrene and Its benzoyl-containing derivatives
  10. Study of the tensile and bending stiffness behavior of antistatic and antibacterial knitted fabrics
  11. The influence of phytohormones on antioxidative and antibacterial activities in callus cultures of Hypericum perforatum L.