1. Detection and classification of uniform and concentrated wall-thinning defects using high-order circumferential guided waves and artificial neural networks
  2. FGPE+: the mobile FGPE environment and the Pareto-optimized gamified programming exercise selection model—an empirical evaluation
  3. Investigation of biphenyl enamines for applications as p-type semiconductors
  4. Investigation of the microstructure of sintered Ti–Al–C composite powder materials under high-voltage electrical discharge
  5. JSC Bavarus: scaling projects for a small company operating in dynamic environment
  6. New market entrance projects for a small company: responding sustainable development guidelines
  7. Pareto optimized adaptive learning with transposed convolution for image fusion Alzheimer’s disease classification
  8. Pareto-optimized non-negative matrix factorization approach to the cleaning of alaryngeal speech signals