1. A free-standing chitosan membrane prepared by the vibration-assisted solvent casting method
  2. Influence of additives on the mechanical characteristics of Hardox 450 steel welds
  3. Influence of the cadmium sulfide chemical bath deposition temperature on cadmium sulfide/Zinc oxide thin films
  4. Investigation of bioactive complexes of chitosan and green coffee bean or artichoke extracts
  5. Martino Heideggerio būties prošvaistė: meno kūrinio prigimtis ir egzistencija
  6. Mineral additives based on industrial waste for modifications of bitumen polymers
  7. Modified Scherrer equation to calculate crystal size by XRD with high accuracy, examples Fe2O3, TiO2 and V2O5
  8. Naphtalimide-based bipolar derivatives enabling high-efficiency OLEDs
  9. Precarious job and union tendencies among women and young employees: the relationships between economic constraints, job security and trust in employers
  10. Quality management of research projects: case study of one Lithuanian University